A Discussion on Starting and Naming of a Business



Form of business Shania should form a Limited Liability Company (LLC). As the company expands, it can accommodate as many members as feasible. Each member’s responsibility is restricted, and they are not responsible for the company’s obligations or for the debts of any other member. Losses and obligations incurred by the company can’t be covered by the members’ assets. The company’s aims are met because its members are actively involved in the company. Possibly tax-deferred benefit As a result of tax legislation, a company has the option of stating how it will be taxed (sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporate). families that wish to preserve control of their family-owned firm (Mondal, 2009). As long as the other family members are aware of and agree to the move, this is a feasible solution. If members decide to change the nature of their company, they may normally do so without paying any taxes. Unlike corporations, which pay taxes twice, individual company owners only pay taxes once on their earnings, decreasing their take-home pay. As contrast to other types of company, this one is more flexible and doesn’t need a lot of paperwork during the day-to-day functioning of the firm. There is no restriction on foreign ownership of the firm. Because of this, investors from any area of the globe are able to participate in the company. Various types of ownership are possible. If a member of the company passes away, the firm may still function in this format. It is because of this agreement that members are able to exercise their right to vote and keep the company running. However, a specific percentage of members must agree in order for this election to take place.

Coffeehouse Chain We need a franchise for the Shania character. Because the mother company is already in operation, the start-up phase is shortened, and she will get ongoing assistance and training as she grows her firm, increasing her chances of success (Ehrmann, Cliquet, Hendrikse, & Windsperger, 2012). Shania will be assisted in finding the right site for her business since the franchise is already established and wants to reach as many people as possible. As a result of economies of scale, it is feasible to profit from the strength of a well-known brand, as well as lower operational expenses.

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Compare the cost Many organizations are involved in the franchise industry. Because the franchising concept has been well proven, the odds of her firm succeeding are greatly increased. Shania will benefit greatly from the franchising company’s aggressive advertising because its coverage extends beyond the local area and reaches regional and national areas, active websites and call centers that improve customer service and handling and this in turn boosts their confidence and gives them a sense of belonging, and this in turn benefits the franchising company (Ehrmann, Cliquet, Hendrikse, & Windsperger, 2012). Franchisees are a valuable resource for both moral support and practical help while running a company. The franchisees’ frequent conferences and organizations make this pool of potential customers easily accessible. Finally, she is able to get funds from her colleagues or the franchisor through the established channels.

Lookup by first and last name As far as I know, it’s already been taken by another company. Trademarks are also available. Some of these firms, however, no longer exist, while others have changed their name over time (Seifipour & Mokhtarian, 2015). The firms that have trademarked it have long since gone out of business since the trademark term has ended. Shania’s company is a completely different one, and the names don’t precisely reflect those of the people who are still in a position of power and good standing. Because she hasn’t selected her own name, the firm will be easier to sell should the need arise. Her coffee shop’s name stands out and may easily entice consumers to her establishment. Anyone may understand the name and it’s not derogatory in any manner. There are no ambiguities in the name or its meaning, thus it won’t lead to misunderstandings. There are three words in the name, therefore it’s impossible to forget. To top it off, the name is basic and unpretentious, making it appropriate for a wide range of target audiences. There is no trademark on Shania’s name, thus she is able to freely use it without fear of legal consequences (Seifipour & Mokhtarian, 2015). Her firm may extend over national borders and into new markets if she has a trademark, which helps her stand out from the competition. As a result, she will see an increase in both her consumer base and income.

Making a business decision on a partner Carlos, Shania’s next-door neighbor, should join Shania as a business partner. He seems to have a great desire to succeed in business, and he has identified a potential client base that he believes would be a big asset to the company. In addition, he has no other obligations, so he can devote all of his time and effort to the growth of the company. The only reason Shania should not shun Carlos because of his faith is because she may be the one to help him understand Christianity and make the switch from his present way of life to one based on it. That Jesus came to rescue and not condemn the world is stated in John 3:17 in the Gospel of John. In addition, Jesus encourages us in Matthew 4:19 to be fishers of men—to be Christ’s ambassadors to those who have not yet heard the gospel. When it comes to Kelsey, she shouldn’t choose her only because she’s her sister; instead, she should go with the one who’s the best fit for the company. Priority should be given to the success of the coffee industry. Her sister’s situation is detrimental to the company’s long-term viability. To begin with, she comes from a dysfunctional household. It is her husband’s desire that she be there for the children at all times. Secondly, she joined the company because she wanted to spend time away from home, not because she was interested in making money. In most cases, employees are promoted based on their performance. Because of Shania’s color, she may be subject to legal action from other workers and organizations. Because to racial promotions, other competent workers are overlooked. Shania’s actions will be unethical if she promotes on the basis of anything other than merit. In doing so, she will have transgressed against the code of behavior that she is tasked with maintaining. According to Ephesians 5:6-9, workers should be promoted based on their hard work and honesty, according to the scriptures.

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