Attributes of a Nurse Role Model



Role Model Nursing Attributes

In the past, I’ve met a lot of nurses, but this one stands out. She has a good sense of humor and is well-organized in her job. The nurse has a great command of the English language and seems to enjoy her work. It’s important for her to listen and verify what she sees when a patient comes in. Patients will go out of their way to confirm the underlying problem if the information they provide does not explain what they are experiencing. She is well-liked by her coworkers because of her strong work ethic. Walking away from work and knowing you’ll be missed is one of life’s greatest pleasures. With her ability to put patients at rest and regulate their emotions, the nurse is emotionally savvy. Caring, serious, informed, and excellent listeners characterize the best nurses (Giordano, 2017).

Ideas, Beliefs & Attitudes

When she was younger, she was certain that she was born to be a nurse and to help others with their health issues. The nurse has a good outlook and hopes to lead the company she works for one day. She thinks that one’s life aspirations may be achieved with hard effort, perseverance, and going for what one wants. While long-term objectives should be created, short-term ones should be used to keep people going in the right direction.

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With patience and determination, I’ve learned to achieve my long-term objectives as a high-ranking nurse. There are difficult periods, but as in any industry, one must face the challenge, learn from it and utilize it as a building stone for one’s career. People, she asserts, will learn more if they are confronted with hardship. I view it as a chance to brush up on the fundamentals and learn how to effectively manage others. One must begin with a small group of people to learn how to regulate their emotions and those of others. There will be disagreements, and it may be unpleasant, but here is where one learns how to control the emotions of others.

A Nurse’s Purpose

The nurse’s duty is to love what she does and do it with all of her heart until she is no longer able to do so. In addition, she is able to provide emotional support to the patient via their interactions. The records of many patients may not be able to be effectively monitored since they have visited numerous institutions. A patient’s nurse should be able to tell whether there is an issue with communication (Feldman, 2012). To keep an eye on things, she has the responsibility of advising the patient to stay in the same location.


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